Hole in One Success Testimonials

I really like that the Block Therapy technique goes beyond the regular stretching or yoga type class. With time there is a noticeable improvement in the ability to do the positions which in turn translates into improved overall movement. I very much enjoy the sessions and feel invigorated and much looser afterwards. Tammy is very knowledgeable and provides a positive experience. The sessions are well worth the effort!

Barry Mitchell

After a 6 day trek my glutes, hamstrings and IT bands were “screaming.”  I joined Tammy’s block therapy classes at Niakwa Country Club and very soon after noticed significant recovery by releasing fascia. As a result it also increased my flexibility and reduced pain. Even my knees were happier. I’ve continued with the block daily and reap the benefits in my daily activities. Looking forward to the golf season!
Thanks Tammy!

Bonnie Stephenson

I was looking for a way to release my spine and strengthen rotation for the golf season, so what drew me to this approach was the promise of passive engagement with no joint impact or risk of injury strain, endorsed by trusted “recovered” golfers.  What has surprised me are the immediate functional and therapeutic benefits I can create through the targeted focus on diaphragmatic breathing. I am really looking forward to seeing how this block therapy technique can optimize sport performance and recovery with the added benefit of daily functionality.

Karen Yamada

Going to see Tammy to unblock my golf was one of the best experiences I have had.  Before going I felt sluggish and tired with pain in my shoulder. After one hour spent with her doing block therapy I felt energetic and flexible, as if I had a deep massage. It was amazing!  Thank you Tammy!

Annete Durica

Gibbys360Golf’s Testimonials

Barry was always on time, never rushed through a lesson and was very informative as he tried to make my game better without suggesting wholesale changes. Very pleased!

Bob G.

The lesson was very good and it focused on correcting just one item at a time. Loved the follow-up email from the instructor.

John M.

Barry Gibson is a great instructor, keeps it simple!!!

Pranav S.

Barry is an excellent instructor, on time, patient when giving instructions…following up on lessons with an email of review notes and video. The minutes for the lesson just flew by. I would highly recommend golf lessons to my friends by this golf instructor.

Valerie V.

He is an excellent instructor and we really enjoyed our lessons.

Carol A.

Barry was very knowledgeable and patient when giving instruction and analysis, more than worth the money.” Would do it again, raved about the instruction to other people.

Bev T.