Teaching Philosophy

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Our way is “Your way”

Our teaching and coaching philosophy is simple. There is no “one best way” or “method” to swing a golf club, strike a golf ball or play golf. We are all different, different body types, different shapes, different preferences and different skill levels.

At Gibbys360Golf, golf lessons and coaching is about You. Not about getting you to fit a “way” but the way to fit you! For sure there is a science and methodology, core fundamentals to striking a golf ball with power, consistency and accuracy. All good players have a common, fundamentally correct pattern of motion and all do similar movements regardless of how their swing may look. So yes, the laws of motion, physics and good golfing fundamentals and biomechanics are inherent in every good method and swing. But the “art” of teaching, the “art” of golf instruction is getting the laws and science to fit YOU, not the other way around! And that’s our method…Your swing, Your game, Your way! 

Golf Instruction should be about making your golf easier and more fun, not about making changes for the sake of changes!

We focus on improving your game.