Private Golf Instruction

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Private lessons, one-on-one, with instructor focusing on your game, your way. Lessons are segmented into sessions of half-hour or an hour.  Packages and series are available with private group lessons. 

The latest in V1 Golf Video Instruction is used in conjunction with all private lessons. Get instant visual feedback on your lesson. Students will receive a video lesson analysis follow-up with voice-over notes and practice drills. All students will have their own private online video lesson academy. Take your instructor with you and receive lessons and instruction no matter where you are in the world, whether home or traveling. 

Golf Lesson Rates & Plans

Private Single Lessons

  • Full Session 60 minutes – $125
    Series of 3 – $325 
  • Half Session 30 minutes – $75
    Series of 3 – $200

Shared Private Lessons

  • Group of two people, Full Session 75 minutes – $150 ($75/person)
    Series of 3 – $375
  • Group of three people, Full Session 75 minutes – $150 ($50/person)
    Series of 3 – $400

Half-Day Private Golf School

Same day, three hours of personalized golf instruction and practice

  • Single – $300
  • Group of two people – $350
  • Group of three people – $375

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Evaluation & Lesson Package

  • Functional Movement Screen with written report
  • Full Assessment and Lesson
  • Follow up Lesson
  • $150/person
Playing Lessons

  • Nine-hole playing lesson for on-course game assessment, strategies, short game scoring, mind game coaching, learning to enjoy competing and playing golf to your potential.
  • Great for those wanting to get more out of their games and transition from practicing to playing and fully reach their golf potential.
  • Great for all skills levels, from beginners wishing to get a better grasp of playing and managing their games to competitive players prior to tournament play, or new competitors that wish to transition to tournament play.
  • Contact me to arrange your personal playing lesson.
  • 9 Holes – $350 (Can be shared as a group up to 3 players to make a foursome.)
    Three locations available.